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The mission of the Jourdanton Police Department is to make a positive contribution to the quality of life our community enjoys.  We strive to maintain a peaceful and orderly city, by protecting life and property and by reducing opportunities for individuals to commit acts that conflict with Federal, State, and Municipal laws, as well as apprehending and bringing to justice those accused or suspected of criminal acts

This is accomplished through Community Oriented Policing services and in partnership with the citizens of Jourdanton. We are committed to operating an agency with a high level of effectiveness and outstanding service to the community. 

Community Policing

The Jourdanton Police Department believes in providing comprehensive Community Oriented Police Services to its citizens.  Community Oriented Policing allows the police to work with the community and other local organizations, both public and private, to address local concerns and move toward long-term solutions to crime-related problems.

Community Policing is not a program or tactic, but an overall philosophy.  Community wide involvement is crucial and requires more than citizens of a specific geographical area.  It also must include other governmental agencies, schools, social service providers and local businesses. 

The Jourdanton Police Department is committed to developing innovative approaches and using common sense problem-solving skills as we strive to make Jourdanton a safer place to work, live and raise our families.

Eric Kaiser-
Chief of Police

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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