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The Jourdanton Police Department recently completed and put on the road, its "Community Policing Trailer".  This 28ft converted travel trailer was bought by the city in 2007 from FEMA for pennies on the dollar and was used by the public works department until 2009.  In early 2010 the police department took possession and began to make upgrades to make the trailer a tool for presentations at schools or other public events.  It was used for the first time on July 4th at the "American Price Day" at the Jourdanton City Park, where over 100 kids were fingerprinted and videos on the dangers of drinking and driving were played on the trailer's interior AND exterior wide screen televisions.

According to Chief Eric Kaiser, who spearheaded the project, this mobile facility can be used for a multitude of different applications.  While kids fingerprinting was the focus of Jourdanton Police on July 4th, the trailer can also be deployed at local festivals and other events that draw large crownds to serve as a place for officers to work out of.  In times of emergency or natural disaster, the trailer can serve as a mobile police department, as it has the capability of being completely self-contained.

"The city had an asset that I saw great potential for", stated Chief Kaiser, "but this project would not have been possible without the generous donations of local businesses. My officers and I thank them for their contribution."  

Corporate donors are displayed on the front and back of the JPD trailer.
For more information on this project contact the Jourdanton Police Department at 769-2241. 

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