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The Jourdanton Police Department was founded on November 18, 1974 by order of the Jourdanton City Council concerned about law enforcement issues. Prior to this time the "Police Department" was made up by a single City Marshall who conducted security duties within the city limits. All other law enforcement related work was handled by the Sheriff's Department. The Jourdanton Police Department has grown from its inception as a one man department, to its current status as one of the most well equipped and well-trained departments in the area. The ranks of the Jourdanton Police Department currently include 9 full-time officers as well as 4 reserve officers. The department is accredited by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). J.P.D. encourages and provides constant on going education for all of its officers and is committed to providing a proactive approach to "community based" law enforcement. In recent years the department has set the standard that others have followed, by acquiring some of the most state of the art equipment in the region, as well as having some of the best trained officers the area has to offer. The Jourdanton Police Department continues to strive to provide quality law enforcement services to all the residents of the community.

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